Transfer Applications

The Transfer Admissions Process

Our Comprehensive End-to-End Transfer Application Counseling Services Focus on:

 We work with students to help them identify their best-fit transfer school and guide them through the admission process. This helps them decide the right choice. 

We advise on the appropriate courses to take at your current institution to ensure a smooth transition to your transfer school. We suggest ways to make the most out of your time in your current school. 

We assist you in developing essay content, review your essays for clarity of expressions and grammatical correctness, and offer more suggestions.

We will help you devise resume that is clear, concise and reflective of your involvement both inside and outside of your classroom. 

College interview is important factor in admissions. We provide extensive coaching on the college interview. Through our mock interview sessions, we help you achieve a high level of comfort and confidence on the interview day.

 Our counsellors ensure every candidate’s application is reviewed in the context of their unique profile and experience. We analyze your academics, cultural/professional background, and the schools you select to ensure your application is tailored to perfection. 

We pay very serious attention to the recommendation letters that are submitted to colleges on behalf of our transfer applicants. We provide essential advice about how to get illuminating and supportive college letter of recommendations. We discuss from whom to get letters; how and when to request.

After we assess your documents, we will schedule a call and give actionable advice. Students can reach out to us for private consultation via video chat, phone, text or email. 

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