Ivy League College Admissions

Ivy League College Admissions

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At Opus College Prep, we are experts in selective admissions counseling. In fact, all of our admissions experts and college coaching team members have admissions experience working with Ivy League colleges and other selective colleges and universities in leading roles. All of our experts know how selective universities consider applicants and how the most important admissions decisions are made. We leverage our deep expertise and admissions experiences to support families in the admissions process. We work closely with students to help them stand out in a sea of compelling applicants.

If you are a family with a student considering applying to Harvard University, Princeton University, Brown University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Dartmouth College or Columbia University and many other selective schools, Opus College Prep's admissions experts can be an exceptional asset in planning, strategizing and working for success in the college admissions process. As you try to gain admission to some of the most selective schools in the world, remember that 98% of our students get into their top two choice schools!

What We Offer

Our admissions counseling services are the perfect fit for students planning to apply to many different kinds of schools. We understand how important finding the right fit school can be and work closely with students and families to share our deep expertise and guidance on US, UK and Canadian colleges. For students who are considering Ivy League college admissions and applying to any school in the Ivy League, or similarly competitive schools, our admissions experts are exceptional in supporting that pathway planning. Understanding how to get into Ivy League colleges and selective universities is not always intuitive or straightforward. Our admissions experts and comprehensive approach allow students to develop a competitive edge in any admissions process. We help families to develop a plan to approach Ivy League admissions in order to be able to compete with the world’s most accomplished students when submitting applications to schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, and UPENN.

We work with students to develop a plan and a roadmap to work toward applying to Ivy League schools. We support students in developing strategic application plans and narratives and ensure they execute those strategies in every element of the application. From understanding how to list and describe extracurricular activities to how to perfectly answer the “why us?” supplemental essay questions, Opus students have strong pathways toward selective colleges and universities and submit stellar applications with the support and advice of top admissions experts. Each year we have students admitted to Ivy League schools, and top schools all over the world. Check out our acceptances here!

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What are Ivy League Admissions Officers Looking For?

Admissions officers at Ivy League and similarly selective schools are looking to evaluate all applicants in 4 major categories. And, while each school may have a slightly different evaluation system, they are all reading applications to evaluate the same characteristics in students. Their lens will just be slightly different, as each school and campus culture is slightly different. Nonetheless, it is imperative to understand that admissions officers are looking for the following:

First, admissions committees at Ivy League and similarly selective schools need to determine whether or not you are academically prepared for their institution. They will make this determination by reviewing your high school performance (course rigor, GPA, rank-in-class, & courses completed), test scores and letters of recommendation. It is widely known that about 75% of applicants to Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, PENN, Dartmouth and Cornell and similarly selective schools are academically prepared to attend, which puts an even greater emphasis on the other elements of your application.

Excellence outside the classroom is an evaluation of the ways in which you were involved in extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities, jobs and summer programs. A common misconception in college admissions is that students need to be well-rounded in order to be admitted. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Admissions committees are looking to admit a well-rounded freshman class, which means it is essential for them to admit students with a wide array of interests, experiences and accomplishments. The activities section of the application is incredibly important, and often is the most overlooked section of the application. With just 150 characters to describe each activity, it is essential to have a sound strategy in this section!

Lastly, the most important thing you can do on your application is demonstrate and articulate your fit for the school you are applying to. An admissions committee at an Ivy League or similarly selective school will never admit a student they don’t believe will actually enroll. It is your job as an applicant to make every school on your list feel like your #1 choice. This fit is demonstrated throughout your application, and articulated specifically in the supplemental section of the college application.

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