We offer a highly-tailored, personalized, concierge-like service to work with your family to meet you where you are. We offer packages specific to where you and your family are in the process and also offer hourly consulting. 

The Start-to-Finish Support option is for families that see the value of comprehensive support in:

  1. gaining an insider edge to the top universities
  2. maximizing financial aid eligibility and school-specific scholarships 
  3. crafting the perfect college application
  4. developing the optimal list of colleges based on top preference factors.
  5. developing an admissions action plan 
  6. developing a list of strategic activities for the school year and summers
  7. keeping track of admissions deadlines, requirements and important financial aid dates
  8. developing an understanding of the financial aid process.
  9. applying for scholarships and understanding unique opportunities at chosen universities.
  10. writing essays and developing ideas for recommendation letters
  11. reviewing award letters and negotiating additional aid for families.



Financial Aid and Scholarship Counseling 

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Counseling option is for families that see the value of comprehensive support in applying for financial aid and applying for scholarships. From completing financial aid paperwork to helping students apply for scholarships, our experts will develop a timeline, roadmap, and application support. We offer a highly-tailored, personalized, concierge-like service and work with you on any area from helping your student to develop a financial aid plan to applying for scholarships with your student to helping you negotiate financial aid packages with your school.The Financial Aid/Scholarship Coaching option works with your student and family to meet you where you are. 

By Appointment, hourly or by package



We can advise you on best ways to complete the application and the best approach to take with letters of recommendation and guidance counselor letters, essays, resumes, portfolios and supporting documents. We will also review applications once completed. We can help from start to finish in submitting applications. We offer the possibility of scheduling a one-time review of a complete application with all documents, four sessions to guide the application process, or an unlimited number of sessions to help students develop the application from start to finish.  Families can opt-out at any time and there is no requirement to complete all sessions. 

By Appointment

Price: Hourly or by package




Homework help and guidance is available 24/7 in over 60 subjects. Schedule a homework help session today! Pricing: $100/hour

Improve your understanding of any math class with our online math tutors.

Algebra I
Algebra II
Discrete Math
Finite Math
Middle Grades Math


Review your facts before an exam or review papers to ensure your references are accurate. Our online tutors can help.

U.S. History
World History
Intro to Psychology
Elementary Social Studies
(4th-6th Grades)
Middle Grades Social Studies
(7th – 8th Grades)
High School Social Studies
(9th-12th Grades)

Our online tutors can help you shine in science class this year. Try us!

Earth Science
Anatomy & Physiology
Elementary Science
Middle Grades Science
Organic Chemistry

AP courses can be tricky. Get help night or day from our expert tutors!

AP ® Calculus AB
AP ® Calculus BC
AP ® Statistics
AP ® Biology
AP ® Chemistry
AP ® Intro to Psychology
AP ® Physics 1
AP ® Physics 2
AP ® Physics C
AP ® English Language
AP ® English Literature
AP ® U.S. History
AP ® World History
AP ® European History
AP ® Government and Politics

Work with a tutor and impress your teacher and classmates with your vocabulary and grammar skills.

Work with our team of experts to prep for your IB exams. Make sure your IB Diploma or Certificate is a sure thing!

Language A: Language and Literature
Language A: Literature HL
Language A: Literature SL
Mathematics HL: Calculus
Mathematics HL: Discrete Math
Mathematics HL: Pre-Calculus
Mathematics HL: Statistics
Mathematics SL: Calculus
Mathematics SL: Pre-Calculus
Mathematics SL: Statistics
Computer Science: C++
Computer Science: Java

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