Opus College Prep 2022 College Admissions Results

 This past year, universities reported sky-high increases in application submissions, and we believe this trend will continue in the upcoming admissions cycle. 

As a consequence, we believe it’s becoming more critically important for students and families to continue making strategic decisions about their college lists and which schools to apply to early. We are proud of our student outcomes and the hard work that went into achieving such exceptional results! At Opus, we know that planning, preparation and hard work can move mountains!

Harvard 3

Duke 8

Cornell 8


Princeton 5

UC-Berkeley 5

Georgia Tech 4

UM-Ann Arbor 4

Yale 4

Stanford 2

Columbia 2


CalTech 2

Carnegie Mellon 2

Georgetown 4

Vanderbilt 2

Wash U-St. Louis 3



Notre Dame 2

Swarthmore 1

Wellesley 1

Wesleyan 1

Williams 1

Brown 1

Dartmouth 1

Amherst 1

Barnard 1


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