Caltech adapts admissions policies

Caltech updated its admissions policy this week announcing yesterday that they are moving to Single Choice-Early Action admissions in an attempt to increase its admit rate. They also announced they would remain test optional.

Read the update on their website by clicking the link here!

From Caltech’s website:
· After an extensive internal review, researchers found that standardized test scores have little to no power in predicting students’ performance in the first-term math and physics classes. As such, we are extending our test-free process through Fall 2025 to analyze long-term effects on student success.

· Caltech has more than doubled our applicant pool in the last 2 years, driving our admit rate well-below 5%. As such, we are moving to Restrictive Early Action which we expect will increase our admit rate and allow students to apply to their first-choice institution while still having the flexibility to compare financial aid packages. · We also have a list of FAQs.

· International students in need of financial aid can now apply through our Restrictive Early Action program. We want to the best and brightest STEM minds in the world to apply and enroll at Caltech and this policy is in line with our e
quity initiatives.

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