9th and 10th grade Services

Tailored college admissions counseling

12 Month Program for 9th + 10th Graders
Students Focus On:

 We guide students in taking challenging courses to ensure they have necessary prerequisites for junior and senior year level courses they may be interested in.

We help students with SAT/ACT planning. We focus on reading, writing, and critical analysis which will help develop verbal skills, help with high school classes, standardized testing, and beyond.

We work with students very closely to identify opportunities for profile building and new growth experiences. Our students develop leadership roles within organizations over time. 

Our counselors work very closely with students to assess their interest areas and guide them in their selection of extracurricular activities in and outside of school.

Our counselors work together with students in developing a plan to identify their passions and make them a reality, coaches continue to improve student opportunities for internships and pinpoint admissions-appropriate opportunities students can grown from. 

We provide one-on-one assistance to students in applying for contests, awards, grants and scholarships. Students and families can reach out to us for private consultation via video chat, phone, text or email. 

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Launching October 26th!

Full Application Review Service!

Have your completed application reviewed by an admission expert before you submit to your dream schools.