11th and 12th grade Services

Tailored college admissions counseling

Our 12 Month Package for 11th and 12th Graders
Students Focus On:

We guide students in taking challenging courses to ensure they have necessary academic prerequisites for Junior and Senior year level courses they may be interested in.

We help students with SAT/ACT planning. We focus on reading, writing, and critical analysis which will help develop verbal skills, help with high school classes, standardized testing, and beyond.

We work with students very closely and identify opportunities for new experiences, such as leadership opportunities within service groups, local businesses or student organizations. 

 Our counselors work very closely with students and guide them with the selection of extracurricular activities in school and outside the school according to their interests.  

Our counselors and students work together in developing a plan to identify their passions and make them a reality. Coaches continue to improve students academic skills over the summer break. 

We provide assistance to students in applying for contests, awards, grants and scholarships. Students and families can reach out to us for private consultation via video chat, phone, text or email. Check-ins and follow up meetings established.

 We work with students and their families to develop well-rounded college lists based on fit: academics, extracurriculars, personality, personal interests and any unique considerations you may have. We will help you with standards/requirements for each school you are interested in. 

We work with students to develop a personal story and brand to tie into the application. We work intensively on application components together. We work to help students develop their story and a strong application package.

 We help students opening Coalition/CommonApp accounts, give guidance on essays and brainstorming essay topics. Our counselors help students with feedback on their personal statement Common App essays, supplemental essays, portfolio and more. 

We offer expert guidance, support, and information at each step of the way to maximize your chances for admission to your top schools. Our counselors and students continue to work together to complete Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) applications. 

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