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Opus College Prep is the leading admissions consulting provider in the US. We help all students identify their best fit schools and complete competitive applications to their dream schools. 98% of our students are admitted to one of their top choice schools including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Yale.


of students admitted to top school


of students admitted to top school


of students admitted to top school


What students and families have to say about working with Opus


"I can't thank my consultant enough for helping me throughout this process. I can't wait to see her in person. She helped me get into my dream school. No one in my family thought I could get in, but she helped me develop the strongest possible application and I did!"


"Thanks to Opus from the bottom of my heart! No words to express our thanks for our consultant's amazing deeds and guidance!"


"My consultant from Opus helped me reach and didn’t kill my dreams while supporting me to get to my dream school. My consultant gave me immense power to withstand stress."

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